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vConnect Virtual Classroom

Experience PEC's virtual classrooms with screen and document sharing, annotation on whiteboards and real-time conversations, offering a secure, easy to use learning environment for K-12, higher education, and corporate training.

Participate in online discussions and face-to-face online video education from wherever you are.

Real-time interaction allows quick responses between participants and instructors, enhancing knowledge retention.

Bring a sense of community with online collaboration by leveraging breakout rooms - students and teachers can self-organize into learning groups to exchange questions, formulate ideas, and understand course material.

Software developers can easily enhance and extend their LMS with our powerful virtual classroom so the entire learning experience feels cohesive for the student and teacher.

System wide virtual learning controls help system administrators run a smooth virtual classroom experience.  Every aspect of meeting control and operation is available by utilizing our APIs, developer web portal, and host control application.


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