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We are a technology company that can implement creative solutions to meet your needs.

PEC was founded in 1987 as an industrial training company and became incorporated in 1990 as it was enhanced with talents in the field of system integration. PEC envisioned a service that gives people and organizations the tools needed to survive and progress in an increasingly high-tech world.

We call this service invisible technology. We strongly believe intuitive technology should be applied to practices and projects without the complications typically associated with it. It should be rendered invisible to the user. Since then, PEC has participated in a host of projects that have brought this idea to life. From virtual Language and Culture training programs to telemedicine PEC has brought their idea to fruition.

PEC Services are available through the following GSA Schedules:

IT Support Schedule


Language Services



Our operation culture allows us to rapidly adapt to changing market environments and increase value to our customers.

  • Language Training
  • Virtual Meetings
  • Network Consulting
  • Media Operations
  • Virtual School
  • Events
  • eSeminars
  • Software Consulting


Job Board

We are on the lookout for good people who want to join our team. Whether it’s a technical area, hardware and software, or dealing with our clients on the phone, we may have a place for you. Take a look and see where we are currently looking for more talent.

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